How to Avoid the Need for a Towing Company This Winter

Winter Driving Tips

It’s only normal for all drivers to take precautionary measures for avoiding accidents in the winter. Driving in winter requires a certain amount of caution and skills, but the best thing you can do to avoid a rather nasty situation is to prepare yourself for the worst. This implies that you need to always have the number of a reputable towing company with you. Hopefully, you will never use it. However, if something bad happens, you’ll feel grateful that you can call someone that can take you away from the cold as fast as possible.

Here are some driving tips and tricks that can help you avoid a major crash during cold winter times:

  • winter towingThe loose-steering technique. Roads are full of slippery patches in winter. No matter how much effort authorities put into keeping our roads clear of ice, there are always sections of the road that are slippery. When speed driving on these patches of ice, the car may get out of control due to lack of traction. The best way to bring your car back on the right path in such cases is to shift to neutral and slowly guide the wheels back to their original direction.
  • Switch off your cruise control. The cruise control is a neat function that can make our vehicles more comfortable to drive on highways. However, when the cruise control is “on”, the driver has less control over the gas pedal. This can prove to be very dangerous when driving on slippery roads. By having full control over your gas pedal, you can use the so-called engine brake (when you lift up your foot from the gas), which is far more reliable in slippery situations than hitting the brakes.
  • Keep your headlights “on” at all times. Driving with the headlights “on” increases the visibility of both you and other traffic participants. Drivers can see you coming from miles away, and they can adjust their speed in order to avoid a collision.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen all the time. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to call a professional towing company as soon as possible. All Tex Towing offers the most reliable services in San Antonio, TX and all the surrounding areas.

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About the Author: Hristo Ivanov