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How to Choose the Best Tow Service

When trying to to choose the best wrecker and tow service, it is crucial to first consider a few aspects of a company. Most towing services have different kinds of tow vehicles in order to be able to accommodate the safe towing of almost any kind of vehicle. Plus, you choose a service which is available 24/7. Most garages with a towing service also offer discounts on towing if any repair work is done on their site.

carBoth a wheel-lift and roll-back truck should be available from the towing service that you choose. This allow them to tow or transport nearly any kind of vehicle which you may own. A wheel lift is what most people think of when they picture a wrecker. Commonly, a heavy-duty truck that has a boom and a hydraulic lift at the rear, the truck will simply cradle the front or back tires of a towed vehicle and raises them off of the roadway. A roll-back is a tilting flatbed, and it will transport the whole vehicle set upon the wrecker’s bed.

If you choose a tow service which is part of a garage that normally works on your vehicle, ask if they will give you a discount on the towing bill if the repairs are performed at their garage. This potential for getting a discount could help break the tie between two or more firms. It is usually the smaller wrecker providers who work the hardest to obtain and retain your business. If you own a vintage or classic car, it is advisable to take the vehicle to the tow company beforehand, to ascertain whether they are able to handle the vehicle without doing any damage to it.

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About the Author: Hristo Ivanov