Roadside Tips and Tricks

When to Contact a Roadside Service

If you are driving down the highway and suddenly your car breaks down or has a flat tire, here are some security measures you should take. Always remember to have with you the phone number of a reliable roadside service in case of an emergency.

At the first sign of car trouble, gently remove your foot from the accelerator, and avoid any hard or sudden break and take your car on the side of the road. When moving your car out of the road, make sure you signal your intentions to the drivers behind you. Once out of the road, check what the problem with the car is. If it is a flat tire and you know how to change it, go ahead, but first check that you change it without being close to the coming traffic.

However, when the car is beyond repair, it is always better to call a professional roadside service. Make sure you tie something white to your antenna so the towing company knows that you need assistance. To ease the work of the professionals, make sure you give them enough information about your precise location, so they can find you faster.

If your car is safely out of the road, wait inside the car with the doors locked until help arrives. It is always recommended to charge your phone before a long trip and take a car charger with you. In the summer, you should always take a couple of bottles of water and food with you just in case. The best advice we can give you is always to use your common sense, be smart and cautious.

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About the Author: Hristo Ivanov