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Our Tow Trucks Keep Your Vehicle Safe in San Antonio, TX

Whether you met an accident on the road or your vehicle just stopped working, it has to be pulled out of the road. If this happens, you can either have your car towed to the nearest auto repair shop or the one that you regularly go to. When it comes to local and long distance towing, All Tex Towing can provide you with that service. Whether you want your vehicle towed in San Antonio, TX or the nearby areas, we can do that for you. Our tow trucks are equipped to tow vehicles to far places.Local and long distang towing in in San Antonio TX

Our technicians always make sure that all our tow trucks are ready to do it job. The technicians check all the trucks to ensure that all the tools and accessories needed to tow vehicles are all there. They also check under the hood to ensure there will be no delays because the truck will stop. Since most of our trucks have to travel long distances towing vehicles, we make sure it is at its top shape all the time. Even the tires and undercarriage of the tow truck are meticulously checked. Any problems found will be repaired right away. This way, we will be able to provide a quality service all the time.

Whether you need a local or long distance towing, your vehicle will be completely safe on the truck. We have invested in top-notch towing tools and accessories. We see to it your vehicle is secure and safe while it is being towed. We remove damaged tools and accessories for fear that they will get damaged totally while towing your vehicle.

All our drivers went through a very meticulous employment process. Since they will be bringing the name All Tex Towing when they tow a vehicle, it will be our reputation that will be damaged. Aside from their driving skills, we make sure they have a clean background. We also conduct a random drug test with our drivers every now and then to check if we are dealing with drivers who have substance abuse problems.

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